Cast Iron
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Cast Iron

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The ultimate book of the world's most prized cookware, with more than 300 international recipes.  

Over the course of thousands of years, cast-iron pots and pans have become essential kitchen tools all over the world.  Cast Iron is an outstanding collection of international recipes that showcases the versatility of everyone's favourite heirloom cookware, and features:

- over 300 easy-to-follow recipes, including options for breakfast, snacks, main meals and desserts that will satisfy all palates; 

-  over 20 bread and flatbread recipes; 

-  mouth-watering photography, archival images and colourful original illustrations; 

- a global overview of cast iron's history; 

- an illustrated guide to different types of cast-iron cookware; 

-  detailed instructions for the care and keeping of cast iron; and 

-  insights and recipes from celebrated makers. 

Cast Iron is sure to become your second-favourite kitchen tool!