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Hardie Grant

Macramé Accessories

Macramé Accessories

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This book tackles the world of macrame accessories. From necklaces to hair accessories, skirts and more, Fanny Zedenius will show you how to knot, wear and enjoy your 23 makes with style. Split into two chapters Macramé Accessories covers wearable and projects for the home.

Starting with the knots, Fanny will introduce you to all the knots that are featured throughout the book - making this accessible to all. She will explore the different materials you can use beyond rope to help expand your knotting experience. Through a combination of step-by-step illustrations, charts and easy-to-follow instructions, this will be an indispensable source for anyone looking to take their craft further. Macramé Accessories offers a selection of simpler projects to make in Fanny's signature style. It is for both beginners and those looking for new knotting challenge to tackle.

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