Our Story

We are sisters who have been in business together for over two decades. We both share a passion for retail, interiors and homes. Creating our own home goods store was always a matter of “when” not “if” for us, but between owning and running The Drill Hall Emporium (an antiques store) and Flywheel (a stationery store and letterpress studio) you could say we had our plates full! When the 1840’s building next door to the Drill Hall became available, the timing felt right for our long-held plans to be set in motion.

With charming old clay brick walls and overall good “bones” we knew the space would be worthy of the store we had dreamed of. After six months of careful renovations along with scouring the globe both near and far for quality products to fill our shelves, we opened our doors in November 2019.

Miss Arthur is more than we could have hoped for. We stand behind each and every product we stock, and are truly proud to be able to offer these items. A background in antiques has imbued us with a strong passion for traditional, handcrafted and well-made goods that stand the test of time.

Please enjoy our offerings, from our hearts to your homes, Donna & Tammy