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Noda Horo

Noda Horo Kettle 2.0L Green

Noda Horo Kettle 2.0L Green

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Designed by Japanese product designer Fumie Shibata the Noda Horo Amu Kettle is a sturdy and practical kettle with a classic, nostalgic look.  A staple fixture in Japanese kitchens, partly due to the food safety qualities of enamelware.

The Noda Horo Amu Kettle can be used on all types of cooktops including induction. 

Measurements: 23cm x 18cm  x 19.5cm 

    Made in Japan

    Please note: 

    • some parts of the iron plate, such as the edges, are not glazed, especially the inner spout of the kettle, due to the nature of the manufacturing process.  Leaving these areas wet can cause rust.  When not in use or when you store the product or do not use it for a long time, please wipe off the water and dry it thoroughly before storing it.  
    • If you drop or hit enamelware with something it won’t break but may chip.
    • If the outer porcelain layer does chip, the steel beneath naturally oxidises and the enamelware remains safe to use.
    • Never heat enamel kettles without contents as this may cause the base to warp.
    • Always choose a hob on a stove top with the most suitable diameter that is not too small.
    • It is recommended to clean enamelware by hand. For tougher stains soak bicarbonate soda or lemon juice on the stain for half an hour and wash as normal. 
    • Avoid using harsh cleaning products or aids such as steel wool or scourers as these can scratch the surface.
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