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Queen B

Black Label - Bee Lights

Black Label - Bee Lights

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Queen B's best selling beeswax candles since the day they launched, the Bee Lights are beeswax candles at their finest.

The Black Label Bee Lights contains 12 Bee Lights which burn for between 3 - 3.5 hours each... perhaps more importantly you can light them for as little as a few minutes to as long as their entire burn. They're popular as a meditation candle or for a personal yoga practice. They're also perfect to light from the moment you get home to prepare your brain for sleep and to fill your home with the wonderful honey aroma that you get from natural beeswax candles.

They are extraordinarily beautiful to burn because of the size of the flame relative to the width of the candles. These candles will 100% not drip if they are kept out of a breeze. If the flame is 'dancing' they are in a breeze!

Measurements: 30cm

Made in Australia

Please note: brass candle holder not included

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