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Riess Enamel Classic Casserole with Cover Black 0.5 Litre

Riess Enamel Classic Casserole with Cover Black 0.5 Litre

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Riess' smallest ever casserole is made from extra-strong sheet iron, coated in the finest glass. The casserole is made even more robust in a kiln, where the glass is combined with the iron at temperatures of 850 °C, resulting in the shiny and non-porous, smooth enamel. The result is a genuinely original piece of kitchen equipment – earthy-black on the outside and speckled granite on the inside – designed for cooking, stewing and serving for the smallest households, or for storing and heating-up delicious leftovers.

For each casserole, there is also a matching lid which quietly starts to rattle when the contents begin to cook, indicating that it’s time to reduce the heat. You can also use the small casserole to store food and then use the lid to cover it. The non-porous, glass surface preserves all the flavours until the food is reheated again on the stove.

Enamel is made from iron fused with glass at high temperatures, therefore it is made from natural raw materials.  Riess enamel cookware is suitable for use with all types of cooktops (gas, electric, ceramic, induction and even open flame). Thanks to the iron core, the heat is conducted quickly and is then retained. This ensures sustainable, energy-efficient cooking. The non-porous, smooth, glass surface guarantees perfect hygiene, as it’s flavour-neutral, prevents bacteria growth and is easy to clean.

When used and cared for properly, enamel cookware can provide years of cooking enjoyment and will maintain it's characteristic glossy appearance.  For use and care tips see:

Measurements: 5.8cm x 12cm

Made in Austria

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