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Riess Enamel Classic Casserole with Lid Black 2 Litre

Riess Enamel Classic Casserole with Lid Black 2 Litre

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A classic enamel casserole from Riess with lid have straight sides and classic enamel handles.  The lid fits the casserole perfectly and acts as an energy monitor.  As soon as the lid begins to rattle, it’s time to reduce the heat and save energy.  The heat can even be completely turned off around 5 minutes before the end of the cooking time, depending on the type of cooker, as enamel retains heat for a long time.  As such, it is strongly recommended to use potholders when removing the pot and lid, as the enamel handles also retain the heat.  However, the advantage of the enamel handles is that you can also simply slide the pot into the oven to keep warm without worrying about if the pot will be damaged in any way.  The casserole features a robust chrome rim.


Enamel is made from iron fused with glass at high temperatures, therefore it’s made from natural raw materials.  Riess enamel cookware is suitable for use with all types of cookers (gas, electric, ceramic, induction and even open flame). Thanks to the iron core, the heat is conducted quickly and is then retained. This ensures sustainable, energy-efficient cooking.
The non-porous, smooth, glass surface guarantees perfect hygiene, as it’s flavour-neutral, prevents bacteria growth and is easy to clean.


When used and cared for properly, our enamel cookware can provide years of cooking enjoyment and will maintain its characteristic glossy appearance.  For use and care tips see:


Measurements: 21.8cm


Made in Austria



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