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Cutter Pull

Cutter Pull

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The Cutter Pull is a nod to the age old craft of leather braiding – think a seasoned stockman making a whip or fashioning the decorative flourishes on his saddle. As a drawer pull, the beauty of the leather wrapped Cutter Pull is that the oils of your skin will age it in the loveliest way over time.

Measurements: 28.5cm 

Materials: Blackened steel & leather

Use: Large drawer pull, kitchen cabinetry, wardrobe pull 

Designed in Australia - Made in India

Please note: Blackened steel will age over time. Leather will patina & darken over time. Stains may be lessened with a little Oxalic acid (please follow directions of use). Minimal exposure to water. Due to the hand-beaten nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly.

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