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Riess Enamel Woodcutter's Pan 30

Riess Enamel Woodcutter's Pan 30

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The woodcutter’s pan is a classic item from the Riess product range and is a real eye-catcher in any kitchen. It gets its rustic-sounding name from its simple yet attractive wooden handle. Thanks to the brass ring at the end of the handle, the pan can be hung up, as well as stacked, for storage.

The woodcutter’s pan is a great option for frying and then serving food directly from the pan, and it ensures that there is a great atmosphere at the dining table. The woodcutter’s pan is also great to use as a serving pan and it leaves you with less washing up afterwards.

For use and care tips see:

Measurements: 30cm x 22cm (base)

Made in Austria


When used and cared for properly, enamelware can provide years of enjoyment.  Please note:

  • If you drop or hit enamelware with something it won’t break but may chip.
  • If the outer porcelain layer does chip, the steel beneath naturally oxidises and the enamelware remains safe to use.
  • Never heat enamelware without contents as this may cause the base to warp.
  • Always choose a hob on a stove top with the most suitable diameter that is not too small.
  • Always heat up gradually, turn it up slowly and then reduce the heat again. Do not use the boost function on induction stoves.
  • Sudden changes in temperature, such as soaking in water after heating may cause cracks or breakage.
  • It is recommended to clean enamelware by hand. For tougher stains soak bicarbonate soda or lemon juice on the stain for half an hour and wash as normal. 
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning products or aids such as steel wool or scourers as these can scratch the surface.
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