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Japanese Artisan

Handmade Japanese Mortar 15cm

Handmade Japanese Mortar 15cm

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Mash the softened ingredients. Dissolve the seasonings. Grind the spices to bring out their aroma.  By mixing and tossing them together, you can create a dish.  The traditional mortar has been an essential cooking tool for Japanese cuisine since ancient times.

The Iga Ware mortar bowls are attractive for their solid and rustic style.  It stands well and has a sense of stability, and will firmly hold the ingredients you put inside.  On the other hand, the internal combs are beautiful and delicate.  You can grind sesame seeds, miso, tofu and the like smoothly to create palatable dishes.

Although it is a practical product with minimal decoration, it also has a great presence as a vessel.  Once you have finished cooking, bring it to the table and use it as a serving bowl.

After use, clean the hair by combing it with a bamboo brush or something gentle.  Please refrain from using metal or harsh cleaning methods as they may damage the comb.  After that, if you dry it well and store it in a well-ventilated place, you won't have to worry about mould.

Wood pestle available separately 

Dimensions:  diameter 150mm, height 60mm

Made in Japan

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