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Japanese Artisan

Hira Teapot Back Handle

Hira Teapot Back Handle

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The flavour was so strong that it moved the hearts of ancient poets.  With this in mind, the Japanese artisans created a teapot that allows you to fully enjoy the taste of modern tea.

This teapot is flat and has a large opening.  It is easy to put in and take out tea leaves, and there is enough space for tea leaves to circulate inside.

What is noteworthy is the tea strainer inside, which is made by making small holes in the ceramic plate.  It has a unique structure that prevents clogging while straining tea leaves thoroughly.   In order to fully steam the tea and pour it out without leaving a single drop, it is important that the lid and main body close tightly.  This teapot uses a process called ``cover-suri'', which involves rubbing the lid and body together, to achieve a high degree of airtightness.  The handle is on the opposite side of the spout, a design called ``gote''.  By adding a projection on the inside of the handle, it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their handedness.

The teapot has been generously infused with the techniques of Tokoname, which has long been famous for producing teapots.  The smooth, unglazed surface becomes more lustrous each time you brew tea and stroke it with your palm.  Please use it for a long time as your tea time companion, the longer you use it, the more you won't be able to do without it.

Dimensions:  width 170mm x depth 105mm x height 79mm 

Capacity:  300ml

Made in Japan

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