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Riess Enamel Lunch Box 1L

Riess Enamel Lunch Box 1L

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Take your favourite foods wherever you go in a convenient and secure way with our airtight enamel container. Whether to the office, to a picnic or to a dinner with friends – simply put the food in the container, close it securely with the metal clamps and transport it easily with the handle. The rubber seal in the lid of the enamel container prevents any liquid from leaking out. The round storage container is perfect for keeping leftovers fresh, as enamel is ideally suited for storing food. The non-porous surface is resistant to fruit acid and leaching, and it repels bacteria and dirt. This means that the leftovers can be stored hygienically and will retain their natural flavour.


Enamel is made from iron fused with glass at high temperatures, therefore it’s made from natural raw materials.
Our enamel cookware is suitable for use with all types of cookers (gas, electric, ceramic, induction and even open flame). Thanks to the iron core, the heat is conducted quickly and is then retained. This ensures sustainable, energy-efficient cooking.
The non-porous, smooth, glass surface guarantees perfect hygiene, as it’s flavour-neutral, prevents bacteria growth and is easy to clean. When used and cared for properly, our enamel cookware can provide years of cooking enjoyment and will maintain its characteristic glossy appearance.


Measurements: 9cm x 14cm

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