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Maru Teapot Back Handle

Maru Teapot Back Handle

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A stylish teapot manufactured in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, which is the traditional production area for teapots in Japan.  The gentle form brings together the best of Japanese teapot making techniques.  The wide opening makes it easy to put in and take out tea leaves. The mouth structure allows you to pour out every last drop of the most delicious liquid without dripping.  The lid's airtightness, which prevents the release of the steam necessary to steam the tea leaves inside, is a testament to the process called ``cover-suri'', which involves rubbing the lid and the main body together.

The most detailed part is the tea strainer installed inside.  This tea strainer is made by making delicate holes in a ceramic plate made of the same material as the main body.

The teapot has an elegant silhouette that is slightly high on the waist, and a handle called ``Ushirode'' that is easy to handle with either the right or left hand, and it goes well with not only Japanese tea but also black tea, Chinese tea, etc.  The small protrusion on the handle is inspired by the finger rest on scissors.  Hooking your ring or middle finger on it stabilises it, and at the same time serves as a design point. 

Dimensions:  width 147mm x depth 88mm x height 84mm

Capacity:  255ml

Made in Japan

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