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Japanese Artisan

Maru Teapot Side Handle

Maru Teapot Side Handle

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Delicious tea every day.  Created by Japanese artisans this stylish black teapot is made by adding cobalt pigment to china clay and firing it.  The unglazed finish blends easily with tea, and there is no noticeable tea astringency.  The inside has enough space for the tea leaves to open. The tea infuser part is made by making small holes in a thin, flat ceramic plate using a special manufacturing method that prevents it from clogging.  The lid goes through a process called ``lid rubbing'' where it is rubbed against the main body, making it highly airtight and leak-resistant. 

You can pour it all the way down to the last drop, called the "Golden Drop".

Dimensions:  width 145mm x depth 110mm x height 83mm  

Capacity:  225ml

Made in Japan

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