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Tenimuhoh Slubgauze Wash Cloth Grey

Tenimuhoh Slubgauze Wash Cloth Grey

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Hand-spun yarn with a fluffy and wrinkled texture this towel is made of a double weave of gauze and pile. The white part of the border uses original slub yarn with a hand-spun style, giving it a wrinkled feel. It is thin and fluffy, and the more you wash it, the softer it becomes.
It dries very quickly, so it's convenient to carry around when travelling or going to the gym.

The grey colour is made using pigments extracted from bamboo shoots.

Materials:  100% organic cotton

Dimensions:  approx. 34 x 40cm

Care Instructions: when washing, please avoid using detergents containing fluorescent agents, bleach and tumble dryers.

Made in Japan

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