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Queen B

Queen B Tealight 4 Hours Refill Box of 24

Queen B Tealight 4 Hours Refill Box of 24

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To refill tealight candles, first purchase a box of Queen B's tealights with cups (clear or metal).

When the candle has finished burning, you will be left with a little metal disc in the bottom - the wick sustainer. Simply pop the cup into the freezer overnight and then tap the cup upside down on a benchtop the next day allowing the metal disc (and any remaining wax) to fall out. Then pop your refill candle in.

Burn time: 4 hours

Measurements: 1.6cm x 3.7cm

Made in Australia

Please note: A tealight candle MUST be burned in a tealight cup or the wax will run to the edge of the container you're burning it in.


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