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Hardie Grant



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To both complement and contradict the popular industrial style of the past decade, natural materials such as wood are re-entering the home. Handmade wooden objects, both large and small, from spoons and simple tool holders to dining tables and benches, are becoming must-have staples of the contemporary interior. In this book, Tuscany-based woodworker Andrea Brugi teaches you some of the key woodworking techniques to make 20 carpentry projects in the comfort of your own home, without the need for complicated tools. Each project is accompanied by a series of step-by-step instructions, outlining each stage of the creation.

Woodworking details Andrea’s personal crafting journey, from growing up among the olive groves of Tuscany, discovering the beauty of nature and of the wood that surrounded him, to his relationship with the many different tools he uses. His work is very much led by the wood he is working with at any given moment – it is the wood that decides the shape and the design of the objects he produces. Accompanied by stunning images throughout, the book cannot fail to inspire you to create the objects within.

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