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Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo Oedo-Koh Incense Peony Tree

Nippon Kodo Oedo-Koh Incense Peony Tree

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Nippon Kodo's Oedo-Koh Collection is inspired by the Edo period of Japanese history which lasted from the 1600's to the 1800's. This era is famous for 'Iki' an urban culture of 'dandyism' that emerged to celebrate a minimalist approach to life that embraced thoughtfulness. This series was created by master incense artisans from modern Tokyo, using fragrance to represent a range of Edo-inspired scenes.


In Edo, there used to be a Hanamachi geisha quarter called Yoshiwara, designed for men. The quarter was home to many beautiful women, and those known as Oiran were particularly idolised for possessing unparalleled beauty, intellect, and talent. Oiran would wear the most gorgeous of costumes and high footwear, and walk the main street accompanied by many servants. The flower reminiscent of an Oiran is the peony, and this incense has the fragrance of this gorgeous and noble flower—like the lingering scent left in the tracks of an Oiran. The aroma of this Peony Tree fragrance is sure to evoke a feeling of elation in you and all those around you.


Made in Japan

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