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Hand Carved Wooden Spoon Maple

Hand Carved Wooden Spoon Maple

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There's no such a thing as having too many wooden spoons. An amazing thing to have on hand. It lasts forever, looks equally good at home on a stovetop as on a beautifully set family-style table and just gets better-looking with age.  It can be used to stir any dish in any type of vessel. It can muddle lemon and mint for a whiskey smash or stop a pot of pasta from boiling over.  It is the perfect gift. Did someone do something nice for you? Here! Have a spoon! Did a friend invite you over for a really lovely brunch? Here! Have a spoon! Oh what, it's your birthday? Here! Have a spoon!

Handcrafted and made from a single piece of maple wood. Each item is sanded to a smooth surface and coated with natural food-grade oil.

Made in Serbia

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