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ANAheim Oven Glove Grey

ANAheim Oven Glove Grey

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Anaheim's simple yet sturdy heat-resistant oven gloves. Made of thick synthetic rubber neoprene material, heat resistant up to 180. It is also useful when cooking at high temperatures such as in the oven and outdoors.

This product is for right-handed use. When worn, the right palm side is made of heat-resistant rubber material.


  • if you touch something hot for a long time, the heat will be transmitted, so please use it for a short time.
  • this product is not fire-resistant fibre (non-combustible) and is dangerous if brought close to fire.
  • please be careful as hot steam may pass through the fibres and cause burns.
  • due to the characteristics of the rubber material, tears and cracks may occur due to aging.

Care Instructions: When using a washing machine, we recommend placing it in a laundry net and washing it on a gentle cycle. After washing, please thoroughly dry in a well-ventilated place. (Please do not use chlorine bleach or wash with soaking.)

Materials:  Cotton canvas/neoprene (outer), recycled cotton (inner), non-woven fabric (lining), cotton (piping)

Made in Japan

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