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Nishiguchi Kutsushita

Boston Wool Cotton Slab Brown Large

Boston Wool Cotton Slab Brown Large

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From a design sensibility of refinement and gentle minimalism, comes knitwear of touch-me textural detail and exquisitely honed colour. With an uncompromising approach to fibre sourcing and the technical expertise earned through over 60 years exacting production, these are seriously rewarding socks. Welcome to the world of NISHIGUCHI KUTSUSHITA.

A classic old-school rib weave in soft and stretchy wool and cotton blend, these socks come in vintage style colourways for a casual, nostalgic look.

Materials: Cotton 57% wool 38% polyester 4% elastane 1%

Size: 27.5-30cm, Euro 44-48, US Mens 9.5-12, US Womens 10.5-13

Made in Japan

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