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Cast Iron Trivet Large

Cast Iron Trivet Large

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Serve the whole pot that has just been cooked, or the pot that has just been removed from the heat to the table.   A cast iron trivet made in a workshop in Mizusawa, Iwate Prefecture, a foundry town where the tradition of Nanbu ironware is still alive.  It is as sturdy as a trivet installed on a stove.  It has a suitable weight, so you can rest assured that it won't wobble even when you put a hot pot on it.

The smoky colour is created by an oxide film created by baking in a high-temperature kiln.  By applying camellia oil on top of it and ``roasting'' it, even more depth was gained.  When you turn the trivet over, there is a small protrusion on the leg. This is a teak mandrel. It acts as a buffer between the table and countertop, preventing excessive heat transfer and damage caused by friction.

After use, the heat transmitted from the pot will remain for a while, so use a potholder or similar and avoid touching it with bare hands until it has completely cooled down.  As it is metal be sure to dry it thoroughly before storing it, as rust may occur.

Diameter:  200mm

Made in Japan

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