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Falcon Enamelware

Falcon Enamelware Enamel Loaf Tin Pillarbox Red

Falcon Enamelware Enamel Loaf Tin Pillarbox Red

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This narrow bake tin is slightly longer than a standard loaf tin to give a more slender bake; perfect for baking bread or loaf cakes.

Measurements: 31cm x 13cm x 8cm


When used and cared for properly, enamelware can provide years of enjoyment.  Please note:

  • If you drop enamelware or hit it on something it won’t break but may chip.
  • If the outer porcelain layer does chip, the steel beneath naturally oxidises and the enamelware remains safe to use.
  • To prevent rusting a small amount of cooking oil can be rubbed on an exposed surface.
  • Never heat enamel cookware without contents as this may cause the base to warp.
  • Sudden changes in temperature, such as soaking in water after heating may cause cracks or breakage.
  • It is recommended to wash and dry enamelware by hand. For tougher stains soak bicarbonate of soda or lemon juice on the stain for half an hour and wash as normal.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning products or aids such as steel wool or scourers as these can scratch the surface.


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