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Kiyoi Japanese Body Wash Towel Linen & Cotton

Kiyoi Japanese Body Wash Towel Linen & Cotton

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Based on the linen goods used in the saunas in Scandinavia, Kiyoi developed fabrics using linen from Flanders and carefully selected cotton to create products with a Japanese aesthetic and quality.

LINEN/COTTON Body Towel is a body towel that can thoroughly remove dirt from your skin with moderate stimulation.  This is a body towel that adapts to your skin the more you use it.  As the linen is used more, the fibres become thinner and the fabric becomes softer to the touch.  For those who prefer a firmer washing experience, body towels that have been used for a long time and have become soft to the touch, can be used to wash your face or areas with sensitive skin.

The white pile of the main body is linen, and the black fabric is cotton.  Since it is sturdy and thick, you can easily wash it. In addition, being linen it drains easily and dries easily after use, making it hygienic to use.

Materials: 60% linen, 40% cotton 

Made in Japan

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