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Storm & India

Storm & India Masala Chai 160g

Storm & India Masala Chai 160g

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A delicious explosion of aromatic and warming spices. This bold, regal blend is inspired by traditional Indian Masala tea. Intense, imperial flavours of cardamom, cloves, and ginger are perfectly harmonised with calming spices. Drink to inspire or satisfy a sweet craving. Drink it black or with a splash of plant-based milk sweetened with honey.


Storm + India modern tea tins were created to keep the organic loose leaf tea fresh and retain its aromatic flavour. The sustainable food grade tea tin has been designed with two lids to protect the tea from light, air and humidity. The tea tins are packed in recycled cardboard boxes printed with plant-based inks. The brand creates a cool design statement on any kitchen bench or workplace shelf. 


SERVE - Straight black or with a splash of plant-based milk such as coconut or almond. Sweeten with a dollop of honey or maple.

DRINK ME ICED - Brew straight black and pour over ice, add a splash of plant-based coconut milk and a dollop of maple.

DRINK ME WARM - Infuse straight black, add maple or honey to taste and reduce over a low heat. Gently steam plant-based milk such as coconut or almond, being careful not to boil the milk. Add milk to the chai brew and enjoy. Read more about how to brew the perfect warming chai latte in the Storm + India blog.

CHAI MILK - Add 2 teaspoons of tea per cup of almond, coconut or soy milk and bring to a gentle simmer. Add 1 teaspoon of artisan honey and brew to your own personal preference to extract the alluring taste of this delicious chai.

MEASURE - 1 teaspoon per cup
BREWING TIME - 3 minutes


Organic Black Tea*, Ginger Bits*, Cinnamon*, Fennel*, Aniseed*, Cloves* and Cardamom*.
*Certified Organic
Contains Caffeine


ORGANIC ASSAM BLACK TEA - A spicy, subtly-sweet and comforting chai that is rich in antioxidants and inflammation-reducing properties. Perfect in the morning or as an evening warmer.

ORGANIC BLACK TEA - black tea is rich in polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) which support the reduction of inflammation.

WARMING SPICES - Ginger and cinnamon work together to boost circulation and promote feelings of warmth.


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