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Toyo Steel Parts Tray Olive M-8

Toyo Steel Parts Tray Olive M-8

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A design that combines functionality and aesthetics the TOYO Steel Stackable Tray (M-8s) can be for professional use or as a storage tool for your home, or for outdoor activities such as camping.  It is also recommended for in-vehicle use.

The TOYO Steel tool box is originally a tool for storing tools, so it has a straight body shape, but the M8 has this tapered shape to make it easier to scoop small parts by hand.  It is a particular form developed by TOYO Steel which has considered the safety and workability of people who use tools for many years.  

The M-8 has handles on the left and right, which when locked in place can create a stacking system so the things inside will not be damaged.  As the M-8 tray doesn't have a lid, so you can get a panoramic view of what's inside.  When there is nothing inside the M-8, push the left and right handles to the outside, and the main body has a taper, so you can stack multiple M-8s without being bulky.

  • Durable press integrated type
  • Seamless, liquids such as water and oil do not leak
  • Zinc-plated steel plate specifications have excellent rust prevention effect
  • Excellent durability and functionality

Dimensions:  external size: 367 x 277 x 96mm, internal size: 307 x 201 x 94mm

Material: Steel - galvanised finish

Weight: 1.4kg

Made in JAPAN

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