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Sneeboer Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style Ash Handle

Sneeboer Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style Ash Handle

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The design of the planting trowel has its heritage in the beginning of the 20th century, and it can be used for planting bulbs, seedlings and small plants. The large head is also very effective at breaking and turning soil.


The planting trowel is hand forged and sharpened on both sides making it the perfect tool to work fast and with precision.  It is balanced with the majority of the weight situated in the blade of the tool. This might seem odd, but it is a perfect example of form following function as the planting trowel is designed to make planting holes and is less suited for scooping or digging work. The heavy blade makes it easy and more comfortable to drive the blade in the soil as less force is required. When the blade is firmly in the ground, wiggle it back and forth and after removing the blade from the soil you are left with a perfect planting hole.


Length: 42cm (total length)


Made in Holland

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