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Hardie Grant

The Encyclopedia of Seasoning

The Encyclopedia of Seasoning

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With 350 recipes for flavour-packed marinades, rubs, glazes, sauces, bastes, and butters, The Encyclopedia of Seasoning will transform any meal. Craving something spicy or sweet? With 350 chilli sauces, citrusy marinades, smoky rubs, and more, you can find something for every appetite. These versatile recipes are perfect for meats, vegetables, and seafood alike. Build your own signature seasonings or mix and match flavour profiles to create mouth-watering dishes. Inside you'll find: 350 bold seasoning recipes to overhaul your cooking repertoire. Stunning photography to inspire your next meal. Tips for pairing flavour profiles and proteins. Use these recipes in the kitchen or at the grill to create your own bespoke dishes. From kebabs to smoked fish, roasted veggies, and glazed ribs, deliver maximum flavour with every meal with The Encyclopedia of Seasoning.

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