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Waxed Canvas Tool Roll

Waxed Canvas Tool Roll

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A waxed canvas tool roll, designed in Australia together with three stainless hand tools.  Each waxed canvas roll has larger and small pockets for ties, labels, and tools.  Protect and store your tools.  Ties with leather strap and brass fitting.  Elastic helps keeps tools in place.   All tools have wooden handles and leather straps and include a hand trowel, hand fork and weeder.

Taking care of your waxed canvas:  This item is water resistant.  However, to care for your waxed canvas item it must be dried out before it’s stored.  Mould and mildew love to take up residence in cotton fibres.  It will also last longer and work better if it’s cleaned out from time to time.  While waxed canvas is tougher and much more weather-resistant than untreated canvas, it is still cotton and therefore requires a little extra care to help it last and perform at its best.  

Store in a cool dry place where possible.

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