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Fog Linen Work

Fog Linen Work Brass Ladle Small

Fog Linen Work Brass Ladle Small

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Beautiful, hand-hammered brass serving ladle with a matte finish. At home in the kitchen for scooping soups and stews and at the table for serving up that something special. Makes a  wonderful house-warming gift or a treat for your favorite cook. As each is hand-made, surfaces may not be uniform. Will patina with use. 


Measurements: 14cm x 5cm


Made in India


Please note:  brass is naturally resistant to corrosion, but like all metals will slowly oxodise and change in appearance with touch and with use and though exposure to moisture and oxygen in the air.  This process is part of the nature of the metal and brings with it a beautiful patina of use.  Over time the metal will darken and dull off in appearance.  If users wish to retain a bright polished look, ordinary metal polishes can be used with a soft cloth.  Excessive exposure to moisture may lead to more extreme corrosion such as bright green-blue to grey colourations which should be removed and avoided.

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